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Villandry Garden & Chateau – Part 1


Toto, we are not in Oregon! *
We are in France, at Villandry, one of the more famous Chateau gardens on the Loire River.


Upon entering the gardens, this is my first view.  Amazing!  So manicured, perfectly designed and executed.
We spent a couple of hours in beautiful sunshine, walking around, taking photos, admiring, learning and trying not to be overwhelmed.

DSCN2358This is one of two Sun Gardens.  The flowers here are all yellow or orange, either now or to come later in summer.  Empty spaces are for the nearby flowers to fill-in as the season continues.  Flowers in the next-door Sun Garden are all of pink, blue or white.  I recognized a number of the plants here and was admiring the way they were arranged.

* For those too young to know the original movie of Wizard of Oz:  upon finding herself in the land of Oz, Judy Garland as Dorothy, says to her small dog, “Toto, we are not in Kansas.”

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Villandry Garden & Chateau – Part 1

  1. Beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of spring!

  2. Yes It definitely was spring there. They were about to change the flowers out soon, too.
    I wonder what would come after tulips in the main display areas?

  3. Interesting how leaf color and texture are considered in the garden design. Looking forward to seeing more.

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