garden ponderings



I am a sucker for the little ones.
A local nursery had fall vegetable starts on sale.
Even though I am tired after a summer of weed-pulling,
I could not resist the chance to nurture these spindly young ones to maturity.
Pony-packs of cauliflower and broccoli came home with me.
They are supposed to bear in 60 to 90 days.
Which I interpret as home grown vegies by the holidays.
* * * * *
After pruning the spent flower stalks from artichoke plants,
their many new starts could be seen.
Two stalk-stumps, one plant from earlier in summer and four new starts.
These artichoke plants are prolific.
My plan is to move a number of the larger artichoke plants
to the flower garden this winter.
I will learn whether or not they are deer-resistant.


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Passionate Purple & Pink

Both of these wildflowers found my garden.
They are seasonal and have multiplied.
Sometimes you just get lucky!
* * * * *

Here are eggplant and potato flowers
from the vegetable garden.
* * * * *

Lupine and Foxglove reseed freely.
I never know where they will appear year-to-year.
They are always welcome additions.
* * * * *

Years ago, I planted Garlic in my flower beds to fight bugs,
I think it will come up forever.
Agastache, or Giant Hyssop, is supposed to be deer resistant,
but I don’t trust those animals.  Some of the plants are fenced,
some are not, so far all are surviving.
* * * * *

Short and tall exemplars.
Bellflower is peeking out between Bergenia leaves.
Its own leaves are the serrated ones in the back of the photo.
These Hollyhock blossoms are ‘doubles’ with extra petals.
A neighbor gave me these plants a number of years ago,
and they are finally blooming.