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Passionate Purple & Pink

Both of these wildflowers found my garden.
They are seasonal and have multiplied.
Sometimes you just get lucky!
* * * * *

Here are eggplant and potato flowers
from the vegetable garden.
* * * * *

Lupine and Foxglove reseed freely.
I never know where they will appear year-to-year.
They are always welcome additions.
* * * * *

Years ago, I planted Garlic in my flower beds to fight bugs,
I think it will come up forever.
Agastache, or Giant Hyssop, is supposed to be deer resistant,
but I don’t trust those animals.  Some of the plants are fenced,
some are not, so far all are surviving.
* * * * *

Short and tall exemplars.
Bellflower is peeking out between Bergenia leaves.
Its own leaves are the serrated ones in the back of the photo.
These Hollyhock blossoms are ‘doubles’ with extra petals.
A neighbor gave me these plants a number of years ago,
and they are finally blooming.


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Flower Arrangements in the Garden

Tulips are safe in the “flower jail”, while daffodils keep guard on the outside.  In the lower right-hand corner is a  foxglove that is safe on the outside, also.
Last winter, I found many foxglove babies inside of the flower jail.  Since they do not need any protection from deer or rabbits, I transplanted many (I think I counted 74) to outer areas.  I’m looking forward to many blooms later this summer.
Earlier this week, I transplanted a hellebore outside the ‘jail’, to under some cedar trees.   Deer are not supposed to eat them, so I moved a small plant as a test, to learn if my local deer have read the same book 🙂   I know the hyacinths and tulips need the fence for protection.
Sure wish I could move the fence post away from my photo.
Copy of DSCN2181
These beauties live under an old rhododendron.  It had been raining, so the tulips and windflowers are closed.
I was moving hyacinths around, and noticed how well the anemone windflowers are naturalizing themselves.  They are so pretty in the bed, but I am now wary that they may take over and overwhelm the violets and wild strawberries that are ground cover.