garden ponderings

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I visited the Oregon Coast in September,
and found this private garden,
in the small town of Yachats.
(fyi: pronounced Ya-hots)

The following was posted on the gate:

It was nearly autumn, and most flowering plants
are done by this time of year.
I saw some blooms, so squeezed my camera between
slats in the fence, to record my find:

The garden was full of dahlias!



Great Basin National Park

In this dead of winter, while the flowering plants in my area are dormant,
I am sharing photos from a cross-country drive last fall.
We visited as many National Parks as we could fit into our time-line.

Great Basin National Park is in Nevada, on the Utah border.
It is a very desolate area, desert flora and an amazing cave system.
We did not have to escape oppressive heat to enjoy touring the caves; they were cool in both senses of the word.

One of the few remaining flowering plants in this desert, up close and at a distance.
* * * * *

Outside the cave entrance, was a walking trail with signs at some of the plants.
This one caught my interest.
* * * * *


There were groves of aspen trees nearby.
We were amazed to see them growing out of the rocks.
Aspen trees are especially beautiful when their leaves change colors.
* * * * *

As we drove into Utah, the roadsides and open fields
were adorned with these wildflowers.
Rudbeckia are native to the North American continent.