garden ponderings


Late Winter Blooms


We’ve had rain and cold with very few hours of sun here and there.
This weather is making hyacinths slow to fully open, also the daffodils.
On the other hand, it is truly violets favorite weather, as they are thriving.

* * * * *

Pale lavender windflowers, anemone blanda, growing at the base of a rose bush.
These flowers spread easily, and compliment the purple violets.

* * * * *


Spinach planted last summer is now flowering.
The flowers look prettier than the leaves tasted.
I will try a spring or fall planting next try, the summer planting was strong tasting!


Windflower Anemone

?????????? ??????????

These Windflower anemones must spread through the air, because they have popped up all over the flower bed, where I planted a handful of these bulbs a few years back.
Violets and strawberry plants join the windflowers in the neighborhood as ground covers under rose bushes and rhododendrons.
Leaves of the windflower closely resemble an undesirable (aka: weed) that I am constantly uprooting.