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Last Gasps in the Garden

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These cucumber, strawberry and green bean flowers will never go to fruit.  It is way too late in the season, a lot of rain is due in just a couple of days.  Not long after that our first frost will occur.

In the meantime, these plants are doing their very best to propagate themselves, in the remote chance that global warming is imminent and there will be no winter!   Okay, I know plants do not really think like that, but I do know these are example of plants that will keep on flowering until the last bud dies on the vine.

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Trumpet Lily with Pollen

It appears to me that some insect or bird did a messy job of pollinating this flower. When I examined the surrounding blossoms their insides looked similar, but not quite as full of the yellow pollen as this particular sample.

This is what I might think of as an Easter Lily, but it is blooming in the wrong season for that holiday. Reminds me that so many commercially available plants are grown in greenhouses to be marketed as flowering for a certain date. Poinsettias in December come to mind.