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Let the Sun Shine

My favorite tv weatherman predicts seven days of no rain.
He said it had been seven months since there were so many days in a row without rain!
Now the sun is shining, and the flowers are exploding:

Rhododendron are some of my favorite shrubs.
The leaves are evergreen, and in spring, the entire plant is covered with blooms.
* * * * *

My iris are not irrigated, and thus bloomed sporadically these last few years.
They loved our wet spring and are coming into full flower.
These are quite deer-resistant plants, slowly moving out of protected beds.
* * * * *

In my basement,  half a dozen peony buds
are hanging upside down to dry .
The pair I tested last year still look good, so I am trying more.

All of these flowers live in my ‘flower cages’
to protect them from deer.
Various colored poppies live in separate beds
so the colors will stay true.
Red-hot pokers do not fare as cut flowers,
their nectar is extremely sticky and fluid – a big mess indoors.
* * * * *

When scabiosa was re-located last winter,
I discovered it was really tons of baby plants.
Ten, or so, were replanted and the rest given to friends.

Columbine is a native plant, and reseeds freely.

First rose from this particular mini-rose plant.
* * * * *


California Poppies

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California Poppies

These flowers are coming up all through my vegetable beds. I figure they are good food for the bees and they make the garden look very colorful. I let the poppies reseed in this area, and have been collecting seeds to reseed other flower beds.

In these beds, plants are watered with drip irrigation. The theory is that only the vegetables I plant get the water, and the drought-resistant poppies can grow and flower in between. In this photo are serrated artichoke leaves between the poppies.

Iceland Poppy

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Iceland Poppy

This is my only/first flower purchase this year – so far. I was at my local discount store, and have wanted one of these for a long time. It was calling to me to take it home.

I took this photo almost a week ago, and the flower is just starting to fade. Nothing like cool weather with no rain for the flowers to persist. Perfect flower weather. The rain is due in a couple of days, so I’m trying not to overdue myself with yard work.

These poppies are supposed to be deer-resistant, but you can see the fence-cage I put around this plant. I do not trust the deer until the plant can get established for a season or two. I’ve seen these plants get quite large in other gardens, so I’m hoping this one will like its new home. And the deer have not read the plant manuals to understand what they are not supposed to like to eat.