garden ponderings


Blooms & Buds in the Dead of Winter

Between the rain and cold most flowers are dormant in this season.
It is called the ‘dead’ of winter for good reason:-)

Purple violets bloom through the winter here.
I think they don’t mind the cold, and must love the rain,
since these often sleep through the summer heat.

* * * * *
Snowdrops are the first bulb to bloom in the calendar year.
This lone specimen is my only sample.
It will soon be hidden by the daffodils whose leaves are just emerging behind.

* * * * *
Pink hellebore buds will open soon.


Evergreen leaves can be susceptible to snails, I have heard.
My problem pests are voles who have eaten leaves and left me stems.
A vole is similar to a mouse, but with a shorter tail.
I catch them in mousetraps in the garage and shops.



Mole Holes


We have a number of rows of dirt mounds that look similar to these pictured here.  We have seen so many rows of dirt mounds through the years.  I’ve always wondered if they were made by gophers, moles, digger squirrels or whatever?  An internet search (what an idea 🙂 after living here over 30 years) confirmed these are definitely mole holes.  The moles have been very good at staying in their territory and not going into the vegetable garden – yet.  I keep watching out for those pests in my territory.  We feel that they have over 50 acres to roam around and eat earthworms.  All we want is an acre or two that we humans have tamed and reside in.