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Spanish Bluebells

?????????? ??????????A shovel full of these bluebell bulbs were given to me over twenty years ago.
I had seen them growing at the base of an old tree, so planted mine in a similar manner.  After noticing the leaf blades had been nibbled by wildlife, I moved my remaining bulbs into a fenced area.  There they not only thrived, but multiplied profusely.  I am now inundated with bluebells.

Somewhere along the line, I acquired what I called white bluebells – it sounds like an oxymoron!  Shouldn’t they be called white bells?
Or are they really lily-of-the-valley flowers?
Therefore, I decided it was time to look them up.  True Lily-of-the-valley flowers have significantly wider leaf blades, so I do not have those.  Surprisingly, there really are (off) white bluebells, and they are not albinos!  Online, I found many photos of bluebells that were drooping over.  My bluebell flowers are definitely erect, and I concluded they must be Spanish bluebells.  There is something similar called a Harebell, but that blooms in summertime, and is a different flower.

Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley

I keep wanting to share photos of more tulips and then another plant starts to bloom. So many flowers, so few days…

I don’t remember planting these where I took this photo. There is a good-size bed of these flowers on another side of the house, so I’m not sure how these showed up where they did. I know that birds can spread flower seeds to different areas, but this flower spreads underground, thus the thick bed of them between a couple of birch trees. The bed of lilies-of-the valley is in an area that gets very wet in the rainy season, then very hot and dry in the summer. They are fenced from varmits, but I read they are toxic. Obviously, the animals do not read the same gardening books that I do.