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This is one of my favorite spring flowers. It is very sturdy, reliable and deer-resistant. I like these small flowers in the front of flower beds, as they foretell other blooms to come. In this bed you see narcissus in the background, and a wire fence protecting another plant from deer in the middle of the bed.

Even though the flower is beautiful on its own, it has an even better feature: The blades or leaves come out in November, so there is some green in the flower beds when everything is going to sleep for the winter. And this bulb multiplies and transplants easily.

When I looked up the name of these flowers to confirm the spelling, I learned the common name is ‘Glory of the Snow’. It is a very rare spring we have snow so late, so I cannot confirm Chionodoxa will flower through snow, but it is always welcomed when it does flower.

This is the flower I put on the heading of my blog. It worked perfect for a horizontal picture, as I had a number of photos of it fronting many of my flower beds.