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Porcelain Lilies

Besides growing flowers, I am also a clay artist and potter.
Today, I made calla lilies of colored porcelain clay.


The flowers are small, about an inch long (not including stem).

This is a new item for me, I am not sure how the colors will look after being fired in my wood-fired kiln.  I’ll show you in a month, after the firing.

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Baby’s Breath

Baby's Breath in Mini-Vase Copy of Baby's Breath

What I don’t know about photography could fill volumes.  My trying to take a picture of the teeny-tiny flowers of baby’s breath is a prime example.  Perhaps a small tripod and learning how to leave the lens open long enough would help get many more of the flowers in focus.

These flowers are often used as fillers in a bouquet, but my vase is holding only baby’s breath.  It is a 3-inch high mini-vase, made of porcelain.  The upper part of the vase has a transparent blue glaze, and the lower part of it shows a light brown toasty color from the wood fueling my kiln.