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White Flowers

There are a variety of white flowers,
all blooming at the same time, now!

Sweet woodruff is still blooming.
This groundcover at its peak.
* * *
Dutch Iris in above photo,
also, comes in yellow and purple.
Below are ‘bearded’ iris,
which come in a rainbow of solid
or 2- or 3-color blossoms.
Both types of iris seem to be deer-resistant.
Very few plants are truly deer-proof.
When deer get hungry enough,
they eat almost any plant.
* * *
This is the first year my snowball bush has flowered.
I wanted one of these beautiful plants for so long!
The blossoms started out green
before slowly turning white.
* * *
A couple of last tulips.
* * *
First Calla lily bloom.
The plant struggled this year,
as the mild winter gave rise to early leafing out.
Then a later snow
knocked the new growth back to nothing.
* * *

Lilacs and strawberries have both
been blooming for awhile.
The lilacs are fading,
but strawberries will go longer.
Cultivated ever-bearing strawberries bloom until frost.

Hyacinths – again

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Hyacinths - again

Well, I just like hyacinths. Here they are on the opposite side of the house, starting to flower a couple of days after my first hyacinth posting. These are encircling a budding lilac bush (which the deer love to nibble on). The rabbits found they like the irises around the hyacinths, so I had to make the fencing around the lilac quite large.

Besides the dandelion leaves, I see California poppies and everlasting sweet peas coming up in the fencing.  A few years ago, I had the great idea that everlasting sweet peas would look great climbing up the lilacs and some other shrubs, so I planted the entire packet of seeds around the yard.  Not the best idea.  It turns out they can be very invasive and hard to dig up.

I started planting Shasta daisies around the irises, since neither deer or rabbits seem to bother the daisies. Perhaps when those plantings get completed and established, and the lilacs get large enough, the fencing can be removed. I’m always dreaming of more garden projects…