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Last Gasps & Late Bloomers

The sun is much lower in the sky, the hours of daylight are significantly less and the nights have cooled off.  It is still early autumn.

Copy of DSCN1327 Copy of DSCN1328

Iceland Poppies keep putting out buds.  This is the third or fourth flush of flowers, I can hardly wait until this plant gets bigger. As I document my flowers in this blog, I am aware of the bloom times of so many flowers.  I feel that I am not taking them for granted so much anymore.

On the right, is a particularly late foxglove stalk of blooms.  These plants start blooming in early summer, and some have kept on blooming, while others are totally spent.  It is still a mystery to me why some of these plants are so different from others that are the same.

Copy of DSCN1330 ??????????

The Hollyhocks are coming on strong, in spite of all efforts by the deer to nibble as much as they can.  I find long branches of hollyhocks broken and bare, as there is so much less fresh green growth for the deer to eat.

The right side photo shows California poppies and dandelions still blooming.  The poppies will continue until they are frozen out.  There are many baby poppy plants just starting to bloom, from early season plants putting out seeds.  As much as dandelions are disparaged as weeds, I think it is good if we can pretend we are children again, and savor their beauty as flowers sometimes.

Iceland Poppy

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Iceland Poppy

This is my only/first flower purchase this year – so far. I was at my local discount store, and have wanted one of these for a long time. It was calling to me to take it home.

I took this photo almost a week ago, and the flower is just starting to fade. Nothing like cool weather with no rain for the flowers to persist. Perfect flower weather. The rain is due in a couple of days, so I’m trying not to overdue myself with yard work.

These poppies are supposed to be deer-resistant, but you can see the fence-cage I put around this plant. I do not trust the deer until the plant can get established for a season or two. I’ve seen these plants get quite large in other gardens, so I’m hoping this one will like its new home. And the deer have not read the plant manuals to understand what they are not supposed to like to eat.