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Heather in Summer

Some of the first plants I purchased
for my yard over 30 years ago were heathers,
which bloomed faithfully every winter.


They are not bothered by deer or rabbits,
so I have acquired a few more through the years.
It is summer, and not all of my heathers,
but these plants are definitely flowering!

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DSCN1942 DSCN1941

Heather flowers are so teeny, they are difficult to photograph.

When we first moved here, some of the first plant groupings in the ground was two sets of 2 white-flowered and 2 pink-flowerd heathers around a few daffodil bulbs.
Today, those daffodils are totally engulfed by the surviving heathers.  Those particular daffodils have not multiplied, but have endured.

When I see the white-flowered specimen in full bloom, it makes me think it is sprinkled with snow.


Late Summer Flowers in Vases

Copy of DSCN1189

I wanted to share a late summer flower arrangement.  The goddess vase holds a late season foxglove, many asters, some spikey heather flowers and a few autumn joy sedum blossoms.  Sweet peas are in the mini-vase in front.

It is interesting to me that all of the flowers in this display are in the pink to purple hues.  Save some California poppies, that is what is blooming at this time.

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Heather Pink flowers

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This plant has been in my garden for at least 5 years, maybe even 10 years (time flies!), and I’ve never noticed the flowers looking nicer than they do this year.  Deer, rabbits and any other varmits that find their way here, have all left the heathers alone.  If I live long enough, I can see this plant grow and cover quite a bit more ground.  There are some heathers on the other side of the house that have been there 25 years or more, and they now cover square yards of ground instead of square feet of ground. 

These are very sturdy plants, as they can withstand some neglect, and still thrive.  In the first photo, where you can see the flowers close-up, you get an idea of the intense pink they are.  I took these photos in the early morning, after the sun came up, but before it shown full on these plants.

Heather with Daffodil Bulbs

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Heather with Daffodil Bulbs

This heather has been in the same place for at least 25 years. The daffodil bulbs were planted at the edges of a few of the heathers, now they come up in the middle of the plants.
I have a few different heathers planted around, since the deer do not eat them, but this one flowers are the largest and prettiest of the heathers. (imho)
It also comes in pink, but the pink plants did not grow as prolifically as the white ones did. They are still alive, but much smaller.