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White Ground Rose

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The top photo was taken a few days ago, mid-September, while the second one was from early June.  This is another rose bush of mine that just keeps on blooming.  The flowers begin as a light pink, but pale to pure white as they open.

Deer keep the side of this plant next to a wire fence pruned, as I believe that deer think of roses as people think of chocolate.  I have pruned the bottom branches that cover the ground, so I can keep the weeds in check.


St. John’s Wort

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St. John's Wort

This ground cover looks so cool during the month it blooms every summer. Even though the leaves are evergreen, it is pretty non-descript the rest of the year, gracefully fading into the background.

I have found this to be deer and rabbit proof, though nothing green is totally safe from hungry predators in a drought season. Again, to keep this plant from spreading where the gardener does not want it to go, one needs to stop watering it.  Tough love, garden style.  But, there is no escape from a rainy summer. The particular bank where these flowers grow on my land, can get very soggy during the rainy times, and this plant can take it.

Recently, while walking with a botanist, I noticed what she pointed out as St. John’s Wort looked nothing like what I grew at home with the same name. She informed me the medicinal herb is quite different than what is sold for a home plant. There is so much for me to learn about my plants, and others I would like to add to my collection.

White Ground Rose

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White Ground Rose

What a find this plant was. While driving in Northern California through Mount Shasta, we stopped in the north part of the town at the city park with the headwaters of the Sacramento River springing from a rock. As one turns off the highway towards the park, there is an excellent plant nursery, where I have found plants suited to the extreme local weather. What survives there, can survive the coldest winter or hottest summer in Douglas County, OR.

This was purchased as a ground rose, whatever that means. This is a very sturdy, disease-resistant, prolific flower-producing shrub. I cut it back liberally after each mass of blooms, then it reblooms and gets larger. The deer keep it pruned on one side as it is next to one of the “flower jails”. The blossoms look beautiful in one of the small, 2″ – 3″ high porcelain mini vases I have made.

The Ubiquitous Mystery Flower


The Ubiquitous Mystery Flower

This groundcover is creeping its way through my flower garden. I must have brought it in at some time in the far past, because I would see it in the fields if it came in via the birds.

The upside is that it does cover the ground easily and has a pretty flower. If it rains during the dry season (summer) this plant will get a second life and expand that much more. On the down side, it is very hard to stop this plant. The runners root easily, and imbed themselves in the hardest clay soil (which is plentiful here). It has choked out other more desirable groundcovers and small plants, including violets and strawberries.

For the life of me, I cannot find the name of this groundcover. If anyone can help me out, I am indebted.