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African Daisies

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At the end of May, when I had planted most of the vegetables in the garden, there was one bed still open.  A hunt in my collection found flower seeds friends had shared with me from the last few years.
I planted 3 or 4 varieties of flower’s seeds, watered, and waited.  And waited.  The bed was still empty.

Finally, a few plants I could not identify came up.  They didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before.  They tasted awful, so probably were not obscure salad greens.

It was September before the first orange flower bloomed.  As we approach October, the end of the growing season, a day closer to the first freeze, this plant decides to “strut its stuff”.
For me, I am happy to see these yellow and orange daisies starting life, as the rest of the garden is fading away.  I can only hope there is still time for these flowers to produce seeds for next year.  Another wait and see period.

Baby Bok Choy flowers

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Baby Bok Choy flowers

It was a few years ago that I planted a six-pack of Baby Bok Choy seedlings. They were new to our diet, so we didn’t eat many, as I had a lot to learn about cooking these vegies.

But they did go to seed, and have done so repeatedly. Now, it would be very difficult to eat all the baby bok choy growing in the vegetable beds. Between what the slugs eat, and how fast it bolts to flower, the window of prime harvest is small.

The flowers are really quite pretty, and the bees like them. Such a good reason to let the cycle of rebirth continue. It would probably be smart to determine when the seeds are mature, so I can save some and plant them when and where I want.