garden ponderings

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I visited the Oregon Coast in September,
and found this private garden,
in the small town of Yachats.
(fyi: pronounced Ya-hots)

The following was posted on the gate:

It was nearly autumn, and most flowering plants
are done by this time of year.
I saw some blooms, so squeezed my camera between
slats in the fence, to record my find:

The garden was full of dahlias!


Villandry Garden – Part 2


Villandry Chateau and gardens were restored beginning in 1906, to what we see today.  We got our tulip fix here when we saw a number of beds of one color of tulips.  The next bed would show off another color of tulip, and so on.  Those flowers were on their way down, but still looked regal.  The light blue complementary flowers are what I call forget-me-nots, and they showed off the various colors of tulips just perfectly.
Do you notice the various shades of green in the hedge part of the garden design?  It is different plants next to each other that are all grown together, and pruned to make one continuous shape.  Personally, I really liked the effect and thought this to be a great idea.


Above photo shows but a small segment of the small army of workers that maintain the beautiful gardens.
The brochure mentions a staff of about a dozen persons, but we saw many more than these persons, pruning, mowing, raking and doing other garden jobs.  I imagine it would take more workers in the spring to bring the garden back to life after a cold winter.
This makes me feel much better about the relative sad shape of my home garden that is maintained by one person, myself!