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Chionodoxa or Glory of the Snow

This is one of our favorite reliable bulbs here.  The leaves emerge in November or so, and give some needed greenery along the front of many flower beds until the flowers bloom in spring.  Then we get rows of beautiful light blue blossoms.
These bulbs have multiplied profusely, they have been shared and divided many times.  I love the aroma they emit when I pull weeds that try to live amongst these small plants.

Chionodoxa are lush in front of these bricks, they will be ready to divide in another year.  As these bulbs grow too thick through the years, they get divided to edge another bed.
I have read that deer and animals are supposed to ignore these plants, probably because of their scent.  The local animals have not read the same gardening book, as I always find some nibbles on the greenery.
Remembering the name of these cute little flowers, has always been a challenge for me.  A search in a catalog of spring bulbs brings it back to mind.


Some Frosty Mornings


We’ve had some beautiful sunny days, accompanied by clear nights, which bring frosty mornings.  Hey, it is still technically winter!
My chionodoxa should be in full bloom now, but are only blooming sparsely, so far.  Perhaps, I should just be more patient.


Germander leaves appear icy, until it warms up.


Hardy Columbines are not deterred by the chilly mornings.


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This is one of my favorite spring flowers. It is very sturdy, reliable and deer-resistant. I like these small flowers in the front of flower beds, as they foretell other blooms to come. In this bed you see narcissus in the background, and a wire fence protecting another plant from deer in the middle of the bed.

Even though the flower is beautiful on its own, it has an even better feature: The blades or leaves come out in November, so there is some green in the flower beds when everything is going to sleep for the winter. And this bulb multiplies and transplants easily.

When I looked up the name of these flowers to confirm the spelling, I learned the common name is ‘Glory of the Snow’. It is a very rare spring we have snow so late, so I cannot confirm Chionodoxa will flower through snow, but it is always welcomed when it does flower.

This is the flower I put on the heading of my blog. It worked perfect for a horizontal picture, as I had a number of photos of it fronting many of my flower beds.