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Pink and white Tulips

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Pink and white Tulips

After the species tulips, these pink and white tulips are the next to come into full bloom. This is interesting to me, to document the order the different colors of tulips flower. Though, I do need to take into account the effect on bloom time of the micro-climate where each tulip color is planted.
I have noticed this in the daffodils, where I have a very many of the same bulb, planted in various places around the ranch. The ones on the south-east facing wall of the house bloom first. So that seems to be the hot spot.

I had hoped to be publishing flower photos from my new camera, which are fantastic viewed in the camera. ‘Technical difficulties’ getting the photos from the camera to the computer are slowing things down at the moment. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure this out (famous last words!).

Drooping Daffodils


Drooping Daffodils

The rain will get them every time. But, not to worry, these daffodils almost always come back upright. Drier weather is predicted, for what that is worth, and we really need the rain anyway.

Daffodils have been blooming all around town, and I saw them in full bloom on a drive to the coast (60 miles away) 10 days ago. Mine are not quite at full bloom yet. We always have blooming daffodils on the first day of spring here. Though on warmer years, they are almost done, on that day. Still 10 days to go, but I don’t think that warm of weather is expected. Once the sun starts shining, the flowers bloom and die so fast. This is a positive note for overcast, 60 degree (F) days.

Hyacinths with Garden Goddess

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Hyacinths with Garden Goddess

I love taking photos of hyacinths, as I get to inhale their fabulous aroma. Okay, to some people it is sort of a strong scent, but not for me.

For a number of years, I sold hyacinths with hand-thrown vases for forcing blooms. These were sold before Christmas, with pre-cooled bulbs, that were immediately ready to be set up for forced blooming in January (or so). Of course, I had to try this out at home before I could sell any. And, of course, there were extra bulbs most years for me to force myself. And, of course, I would plant in my yard the spent bulb from forcing. Needless to say, I now have a good number of hyacinth blooming in my yard. Most are white, with some blues and purples, as these are the best colors for forcing.

Do you see the garden goddess behind the blooms? I make and sell Goddess Vases, and one year I decided to make Garden Goddesses. They have a good size hole in the bottom of the vase through which Japanese Iris can emerge and bloom. Perhaps I’ll get a photo of those later in the season.