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Late Season Autumn Joy Sedum

Copy of DSCN1360 ??????????

When I first typed up Autumn Joy Sedum for a blog page, I cut one flower stem and put it into the vase above.  The surprise for me, is that the flower is still the same light pink two weeks later.  I did put a small amount of water in the vase, and because of the small opening at the top of the vase, evaporation is a minimum.

While tidying up a flower bed over the weekend, I found a stem of Sea Lavender, on a transplanted baby plant, that had escaped my previous notice.  The two flowers do complement each other, I think.

This morning, after I photographed the flowers in the above vase, I went outside to see what the Autumn Joy looked like within the garden fence.  The maroon-rust of the flowers shows them maturing towards their final color. Some of the flowers appear paler, but do not be fooled, it is only the bright sunlight.  The long-blooming time, and very gradual color change are two of this sedum’s assets.

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Bluebeard – Caryopteris x clandonesis

Copy of DSCN1250

This plant was a real surprise to find in the flower bed.  A few years ago, I planted a caryopteris and it never really did anything.  Earlier this year, I found the plastic tag that comes when you buy a small plant, but found no plant to go with it.  Now I see this strange, but pretty flower and I didn’t know where it came from.

I want to give credit to Jane Lee, who read my blog and offered her assistance finding the name of plants I could not.  Jane is a professional landscaper and has her own blog   Jane, I hope you don’t mind my naming you as my reference.

As I learn more about this plant, I get to look forward to watching it grow and prosper.  It can get a big larger, so I will need to make sure it has plenty of room.