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Sunflowers Attract

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The bees and wasps love these late flowering gems.

Like ‘brothers from the same mother’, the seeds of these plants came from the same envelope.

I will not cut these flowers to bring inside, but leave them to go to seed so the birds can enjoy them later in the season.

Here is a photo of the sunflowers in their beds:
(they are very tall)

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Germander (I’m pretty sure, but how can I be positive?)

Copy of DSCN3419
How can one not love a drought-resistant, deer-proof, reliable blooming plant?
This one has lived here long enough for me to move babies to other places around the house.  It makes itself at home wherever it goes.  Does not take over, may make a baby if encouraged, takes pruning at most any time of year.
Copy of DSCN3421
The bumble bees love these flowers.  While I am smart enough not to test them, they are so engrossed in the blossoms they barely notice people around.  Bumbles are not the only bees who savor this nectar.

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Boxwood – Not a Topiary


Originally, three small boxwood plants were purchased, but as the yard and plants were rearranged, only one remains.  This shrub admits the perfect amount of sunshine to the bedroom window, while allowing a decent view from inside to the backyard.
When it was planted, I had full intentions of trimming this plant into an interesting shape.  Many hours were spent pondering the untrimmed shrub, as one would look at clouds, and imagining so many different shapes. But, I just have not gotten around to it.  And, I think it falls into the category of something that sounds easier to do, than it really is to do.
The flowers are so small that you would hardly notice the plant was blooming, but for the bees.  They are a dead giveaway.  Today the sun was out, and the bees were abundant and noisy.  I’m sure the bees are not interested in me, but I always give them plenty of room when walking by.

California Poppies

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California Poppies

These flowers are coming up all through my vegetable beds. I figure they are good food for the bees and they make the garden look very colorful. I let the poppies reseed in this area, and have been collecting seeds to reseed other flower beds.

In these beds, plants are watered with drip irrigation. The theory is that only the vegetables I plant get the water, and the drought-resistant poppies can grow and flower in between. In this photo are serrated artichoke leaves between the poppies.