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Scent of a Hyacinth


I love the scent of a hyacinth flower!
Some people actually complain the aroma is too ‘heady’ for them:(
I got a good whiff just walking along the brick path.
It smelled so good, I walked back and forth a few times!
Made me smile on an overcast day:)
* * *
Long ago, I made and sold porcelain hyacinth vases,
which were used to ‘force’ a bulb to bloom indoors.
There were always extra bulbs at the end of the season,
which I planted under bushes within deer-fences.
White hyacinth live at the base of this budding lilac bush.
Because deer ignore daffodils,
those bulbs get to live outside the protective fence.
* * *
Lots of hyacinths live below this rhododendron.
Did you know that blue, white and purple hyacinths
are the best color of these flowers to force?
I can’t say for sure if I bought the bi-color flower bulbs,
or they hybridized naturally.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Scent of a Hyacinth

  1. Love the pics and love the smell of hyacinths ☺️ My newest orchid actually smells almost like hyacinth! House smells heavenly now ☺️

    • I did not know that orchids could have a scent. Lucky you to find one that does!

      • Ahh Susan… there is the whole big world of scented orchids for you to discover. Grocery stores most often sell Phalaenopsis hybrids which are not scented. I bought my 1st Phalaenopsis Liodoro Sweet Memory on sale at Polish garden supermarket without knowing what I a treat I got myself, as it had no flowers at the time. When it rebloomed for me a few months later I was totally taken by the scent and they lasted almost 6 months. Just 3 flowers, but what a pleasure to look at or walk by and smell! Since then I keep my eyes (or nose) open for any other scented orchids. The recent one is Zygopetalum Trozy Blue. Trully amazing scent, but will see if I manage to keep it alive and re-bloom 🤣

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