garden ponderings

Leaves of Change



This Sugar Maple tree
is always the first to exhibit leaf change.
* * *

Leaves of Japanese Maples
change color over a
long time period.
* * *
A baby Wisteria
doesn’t have many leaves
to fall!
* * *
Rose of Sharon
is already getting a blanket
of leaves down below.
* * *
Tree Peony leaves
on the older stems
are changing colors after
leaves on the younger stems.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

4 thoughts on “Leaves of Change

  1. The colors you have are always so beautiful! How fun to watch the season change!

  2. I think we have similar tastes in photography. My parents are bird watchers, but I don’t have the patience to wait for birds to strike the right pose so I stick to taking photos of plants and architecture. Then my Chinese friends complain I’m not in any of the photos, while they think all the world’s an excuse for selfies.

    • Great observation (in my opinion), that some people think cameras are only for selfies!
      If they weren’t so obsessed about themselves, they might see some of the world.

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