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Current Whites


I do like the strong contrast of white flowers in a sea of green.
The last rhody blooming here.
Buds are pale pink, but the flowers open to white.
* * * * *
Oh yes, I recognize you as you put out your first flush of flowers.
But, I just can’t place your name!
I know it begins with an ‘a’. . .
* * * * *

Allium flowers pop up in various places of my garden.
Sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, sometimes with friends.
* * * * *
Moss rose can grow to be a good-size bush.
This speciman is presently over-run with daylilies.
I recently lopped four large dead limbs, which left this shrub very sparse-looking.
My work is cut out for me next winter dormant season:
clear out the daylilies, lighten the clay soil
and give a beautiful plant a chance to thrive.
(It sounds almost noble:)
* * * * *

Close-up of lychnis or rose campion.
Another variety has magenta flowers – on the other side of the house.
I wonder if the two plants mixed, would light pink flowers result?
* * * * *
Okay, another stock photo.
I am still amazed that three straggly seedlings
could rejuvenate quickly and become a beautiful display.
* * * * *
My calla lilies tend to accumulate visitors and tree droppings.
I had to quit bringing these beauties into the house as cut flowers,
they were bringing too many tag-a-longs.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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  1. Angelonia?

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