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A Cloudy Morning


An overcast morning,
so I grabbed my camera for a walk around the house.
This is some of what was in bloom:

French cooking thyme, an essential garden herb (for me).
These stock plants were rescued from a nursery.
Barely alive, they cost 25 cents, now they are thriving (yay!)
Foxglove, which neither deer nor rabbit bother, is in full bloom.
* * * * *

Yellow allium flowers, a later blooming variety.
This was one of the first bulbs I planted here over 30 years ago.
It keeps coming back, no matter how much I neglect it.
One of my favorite colors of bearded iris,
this dark purple is almost black.
* * * * *

Red-hot pokers start out orange then the yellow part below
grows to the top as the flower matures.
These are real hummingbird magnets!
Perennial cranesbill geraniums flower and multiply profusely.
Yellow is my early blooming color of daylily.
It is always a shot of sunshine for my disposition.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

4 thoughts on “A Cloudy Morning

  1. Your day lilies are ahead of ours in Pennsylvania. Ours are still in bud.

    • My yellow daylilies bloom in late spring, but I also have an orange variety that blooms in summer.
      Slowly, I have learned I can place the yellow-flowering ones where there is no irrigation, as they should get their main water intake in our ‘normal’ wet winter and spring. The summer daylilies need very little irrigation, as they are fairly drought-resistant, though they love more water 🙂

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