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Early Spring


We have had a bumper year for rain,
which after a drought is very welcome.
As soon as the rain lets up,
plants (including weeds) reach for the bits of sunshine.

I have been watching my crocus for years
and observed the various colored flowers bloom in a specific order:
yellow ones first, then the lavenders, next come purple and white striped,
then purples, and the pure white ones last.

Here is a crocus fact that I can vouch for from experience:
If you want to move the bulbs, wait until the blossoms are spent,
but before the leaves have died.
It is a short window of opportunity,
but the bulbs are easy to locate in the ground.
* * * * *


Bergenia are starting to bloom.
This large-leaved groundcover has such pretty, delicate flowers.
* * * * *

I know a little about hellebores,
like deer do not eat them and they love shade.
In contrast to the crocus, the white blossoms come first,
while the pink flowers are still budding.
* * * * *

I have planted and divided and planted hundreds of daffodils around our plot of land.
All I see around the house are emerging leaf blades.
What a surprise to find these flowers near the driveway, closer to the county road.
On a south-facing slope, with little shade from trees,
the micro-climate here must be quite a bit warmer.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

8 thoughts on “Early Spring

  1. The blooms are simply lovely – especially the purple ones! 🙂

  2. Since I wait for the flowers to die down before moving bulbs to new places, I usually forget what color flower is being moved! There must be some luck involved to get a drift of same color flowers, that I think look best. So you are a purple, eh?

  3. I thought I needed to protect my daffodils from mice so I planted them in special wire underground cages. I have only leaves coming up … your post tells me that they are probably planted in too much shade. Thank you.

  4. Daddy had the daffodils which he called jonquils growing wildly everywhere in Alabama and he did nothing to or for them. We always loved seeing them and the crocuses coming up because it meant spring was around the corner. Love them.

  5. I didn’t realize Alabama got that cold in the winter. Because daffodils have to get cold enough to bloom in spring. They are so easy to care for – just do not mow down the green leaves after the flowers die back!

  6. I liked all of the flowers, Susan. The bergenia flowers were uniquely beautiful. Thank you for letting us know the order of colors that crocuses bloom in! 🙂

  7. Wonderful to see the beautiful buds!

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