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National Botanical Gardens


While in Washington DC, we visited the Smithsonian, which is great,
but the National Botanical Gardens were just amazing!

Maybe they strive to put the blooming plants on display,
or maybe we just got lucky to see so many flowers.

I am amazed that spiny plants and succulents
can produce such beautiful flowers.

Some of the flowers looked ordinary,
while others were quite exotic appearing.

The orchid greenhouse is always one of my favorite places to visit.
Again, quite insignificant plants and spectacular flowers.

I don’t think it is weird to be captivated by carnivorous plants – they are cool!
I have seen Pitcher plants growing wild in Oregon – in a marsh at the coast.

Outdoor plants were as interesting as the indoor plants.
Do you see the flowers hidden in the grapefruit-size, prickly ‘balloons’?

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

2 thoughts on “National Botanical Gardens

  1. Wonderful, Susan. Are you aware of the Darlingtonia Wayside on the southern Oregon coast. A bog full of the insect catching pitcher plants.

  2. Yes! That is where I saw Pitcher Plants on the Oregon Coast. We had a picnic lunch there. I loved seeing those plants in their native environment. Couldn’t remember the name of the location. Thanks for the reminder.

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