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New Lens for Phone Camera


A macro lens shows a small red succulent,
which can barely be seen in the lower part of the other photo
taken with phone camera.

With a wide angle lens,
I can photograph more than one plant at a time.
Get width to my pictures.

There is also a fish-eye lens
that I look forward to learning how I can use.
* * * * *
I composed the above post on my iphone,
then could not get it to post.
It turns out my older phone does not support
the Word Press app.
I was disappointed
I would have to start all over with my post.
The good news was
Word Press had saved my work as a draft,
so I am able to post my blog in its original state after all!

Thank you to my daughter for the gift of the lens,
and to my son for the much-needed technical assistance.
My kids are the best!

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

9 thoughts on “New Lens for Phone Camera

  1. Beautiful photographs! They give me hope. I am adjusting from my old Microsoft phone (lumia 950) to my new iPhone 7. It is hard to make the switch, but I am happy with the camera on the iPhone so far.

    • Of course, shortly after that post, my trusty camera died on me.
      Now I am learning my new iphone 6 (so much improved from the iphone 4!)
      and a Canon Power Shot sx10IS, which I have to take a leap and try another setting besides ‘auto’!

      Thanks for the complement.

  2. Congrats for your gift, and your pics are already looking beautiful!

  3. ooh – I love the fisheye 🙂

  4. My husband has the fish eye. It is great for long shots of walkways and streets. I love the look if you point it to the sky. It looks round! Have fun!

  5. I love the fish eye lens! I just bought the new iPhone 10 because they said it had an amazing camera. I have a lot to learn about the phone/camera but so far I think my iPad is as good if not better at taking pictures. Sure wish these things came with a manual….lol

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