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Shore Acres


We had a heat wave here, so escaped (about 55 miles, or 88 kilometers)
to the coast for the day.

Visited one of our favorite places, Shore Acres State Park (
near Coos Bay, Oregon.  Beautiful gardens and beach coves.


First pictured is a bed of roses.
Next is one of dahlias with rudebekia in the corners.
I love the purple salvia inside a border of boxwood,
A bed of zinnias and snapdragons finish above photos.
* * * * *
I saw a few varieties of hydrangea.

And noticed how one escaped to live on the cliff.

The path to the beach ran above this part of the cliff,
with the formal, fenced gardens on the other side of the path.
* * * * *

In the Japanese Garden, I saw this beautiful, pastel fuchia shrub.
The sedge looks so much like the papyrus in my own garden, but much taller.
* * * * *

Both of these roses smelled so enticing.
For me, that would be a criteria to get any rose award.
* * * * *
Shore Acres is the middle State Park of three in a row.
At the south end, near Cape Arago, is an area where sea lions and other protected
animals visit during the year.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

2 thoughts on “Shore Acres

  1. We loved that place when we came to visit! It’s amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a beautiful place, especially the gardens.

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