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Coming On (or not Peaked, yet)


We had a very mild spring, and it seems like everything is early this year,
flowers and vegies alike.  We had a good couple of days of rain in July that made everything grow like crazy afterward, especially the grass and weeds!
No days over 100 degrees F (37.8 C) and very few days over 90 degrees F (32.2 C).
I believe the plants like this moderately hot summer.

This Rose of Sharon plant has been here but a few years, and has grown significantly in that time.  The blossoms are plentiful, but perhaps short-lived.  Have not tried it as a cut flower, but do not think that is what it is known for.
* * * * *
Asters seem to be flowering so early this year.
I have yet to see the plants with pink or white-colored blossoms,
so they must start later.
* * * * *
Rudebekia, or Black-eyed Susans, are all a-bloom.
I know these are great cut flowers.
* * * * *
Crocosmia is in full bloom now.  It thrives in full sun and is drought-resistant.
But watch out if it gets irrigated – it multiplies rapidly has taken over a flower bed.
The baby corms take a lot of digging to eliminate from an area.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

6 thoughts on “Coming On (or not Peaked, yet)

  1. My red crocosmia is long gone, but an orange one is just getting going. The asters near the front step are in full bloom …. I need to get pictures of them.

    • I love the red corocosmia, and think it would look striking next to Shasta daisies. Unfortunately, the deer have eaten the red ones. Enough orange crocosmias survive to keep on going.

  2. Beautiful garden ! It’s good it’s not too hot for the vegetation 🙂

  3. We irrigate from a year-round creek that gets pretty low by the end of summer.
    The house is on a well.
    Unfortunately, you only know there is no more water, once it is gone.
    On the up-side, we have had no problems in nearly 35 years here, where many neighbors purchase water in the summer.

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