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Asides . . .


Sometimes a thought or a photo strikes me.
Not enough for a full blog, but sticks in my head.
I think, wonder and philosophize.  So much to ponder in nature.
* * * * *
Secondary Colors


Purple (foxglove), orange (California poppies) and green (leaves) are secondary colors, they are painting mixtures of the primary colors of blue, yellow and red.

* * * * *
How do you photograph the scent of a particularly aromatic flower?
You cannot.
Plant and nursery catalogs, as well as winemakers,
go to great lengths to describe the smell and taste of their product.
But words can never do justice to what the nose senses and our brain feels.
Aromatics also stir memories, positive and negative.
While the lilies pictured above may bring fond memories and smiles,
Rue, pictured below, would probably more often bring on negative thoughts.
Thus, it is aptly named!


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

7 thoughts on “Asides . . .

  1. Beautiful, especially the lilies.

    Wondering now what rue smells like. Or will I rue the day? 🙂


    • Ooh – I love a sense of humor. Yes, rue has a distinctly unusual scent. And, I’ve heard the leaves can be an irritant to some gardeners. So far, it has not bothered me. I did learn that the deer will eat it, but they were not supposed to like rue – but what do the deer know!

  2. I will be looking at the colors of plants that I choose with a new eye. I have a plant grouping that is purple and orange (with a blue thrown in) I may just choose primary color scheme for my pots next year!

    • As I watch some plants thriving so much better than others, I am already pondering which plants will be moved this winter. I have second and third thoughts regarding which plants I want to be neighbors to each other. Sometimes I think I must be a slow learner, as I need to see in person how plants work together, and whether or not they need re-arranging. I would love to see a photo of your garden of primary colors, when it happens.

  3. Wonderful. Love those two first photos.

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