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Some Local Wildflowers

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Maybe it is because we have had such a mild winter and wet spring, there is an abundance of wildflowers.  You just get lucky sometimes!


Ox-eye daisies line the driveway.  I wonder if they grow so prolific along the edge because that is the area that gets mowed all summer long?

We have hillsides of these cute little flowers, specially under the oak trees.
Baby blue eyes is the common name.

While they closely resemble each other, to me, these are different flowers.
Look at the leaves and on the right, the petal tips are split.


These are commonly called ‘shooting stars’.
Do you see the black tip at the opposite end of the petals?

A friend in town had a hillside of these white ‘trout lilies’,
while I could find only three specimens on my property.


Buttercups are about done on our land, but on a hike at an adjacent property,
we found many still in bloom.


In the borage family.  With its large leaves, it is a distinctive plant.
I have no recollection of ever seeing this plant here before,
but found a number of them this year.
Mostly in places recently cleared of poison oak and hawthorns
(our local scourges!).


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potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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