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Dozens of Dozens of Daffodils


For me, daffodils are the sure sign of spring.  They are not subtle, but come on strong and take over the gardens.  I love it!

Neither deer or rabbits are interested in eating these bulbs or flowers.
I keep dividing the bulbs as they multiply generously.


This bouquet lives in a Goddess Vase I made.
Of porcelain clay, fired in my hybrid wood-fueled kiln.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

5 thoughts on “Dozens of Dozens of Daffodils

  1. Your flowers are so gorgeous. The deer here eat everything, thank goodness they leave the daffodils alone.

  2. We went to the Grand Canyon last week and came back to a cacophany of daffodils – so lovely!

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