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Plant Lust at a Garden Tour

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Oh, the Passionflowers were gorgeous!  The vine worked its way along an open wire fence, where it made a beautiful privacy wall between neighbors.  It must live in a warm micro-climate, as passionflowers are marginal in this agricultural zone.
* * * * *
Needle-thin leaves on this lush plant, were baby-soft.  I wanted to keep running my hands through the greenery.  There were a few of these plants, so I’m thinking they may self-sow.  (I could live with lots of these beauties.)
* * * * *
I love the look of Smoke Bush/Tree in bloom.  Mine did not come back this year, which I have blamed on wet feet.  Drainage at that location in my yard was way too slow.   It will take some work before anything more than shallow perennials can be planted there.  In the meantime, I admired this specimen.
* * * * *
Maybe an Astilbe?
* * * * *
Aren’t these gorgeous?  Even the spent flowers are pretty!
* * * * *
I really like this flower.  It is living in full sun.
* * * * *
Today was my second garden tour ever.  Despite the inspiration, I found it a good way to feel very inadequate about my own gardening.  There were some fabulous flower displays.  I photographed flowers I want to remember to investigate for my own garden.  In fact, while typing this post, I looked up flower identification, and was waylaid for a few hours 🙂


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