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A Good Idea


The good news is we have lots of birds here, the bad news is that they love strawberries.  For a few years now, we have netted the berries which improved the yield.  But the stakes were putting large holes in the bird netting.  This year we got the idea of cutting holes in old tennis balls to soften the top of the stakes, and save our nets.
It seems like a good idea, we will know at the end of the season just how great this plan turned out to be.

Now we still have challenges to the berry crop from ground pests.
But one challenge at a time.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

5 thoughts on “A Good Idea

  1. Clever you, hope that it works. We have our wild Huckle berries netted in but that also nets in the weeds!

    • Ah yes, the weeds. . . I have bricks keeping the net edges on the ground. They get moved away for picking berries and weeds.
      We used to net grapes. A friend showed me how they used clothes pins to keep the nets snug around the vines.

  2. I see you have gone to raised beds, they look great.

    • They are low raised beds, but they are permanent and delineated.
      A few years ago, I double dug all of the beds, now I build the soil at each emitter of the irrigation. Am trying to minimize labor, and maximize production. A long haul. Will have to do the soil test.

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