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St Emilion, France

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A parting shot when leaving this ancient village.  Our last day in the Bordeaux area on the Dordogne River, and our B&B host insisted we stop by the town of St. Emilion and visit the old town.  While it is famous for the merlot wines made in the area, the town itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  We drove around in circles before coming to the lower level and parking area.  What is the first thing I see a large sign for?  A Poterie Musee – right up my alley!  I was the first visitor of the day, and the elderly homme who ran the museum almost talked my ear off.  It is in a limestone cave/quarry where building blocks were dug from the ground to build the town above, hundreds of years ago.  So much history, in such a small area.  Wandering around the cave was fun, as was walking up the steep cobblestone alleys and looking in the shops.
Above photo is from outside of town, from one of the many vineyards that carpet the area.  The small blip in the upper left corner is the large tower in the photo on lower right.  So much for perspective!
DSCN2425 DSCN2423
Looking down, then looking up, the town is really quite small.  Renovations were a constant as we drove the countryside and viewed old limestone buildings.  What was interesting to me, was the effort put into making new buildings look old-style.
I took a foray away from strictly flowers here, and will return to them.  But could not resist sharing this town.

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