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Salad from the Garden


Isn’t it wonderful when you can get some dinner from the vegetable garden?  I could eat salad every night, and today my refrigerator was lean in salad ingredients.  It is very early in the season for planting, but there are things coming up from last year.  I found a small head of red-leaf lettuce, some inner leafs of Swiss chard the slugs have not yet eaten, tiny purple broccoli florets and a few stems of salad burnet.  They will add some pizazz to left over lettuce and carrot to make a nutritious and pretty addition to our evening meal.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

7 thoughts on “Salad from the Garden

  1. How wonderful is that! Just bought some new lettuce plants and need to get them set out. Still too cold here for the annuals I am anxious to plant. Went to the garden store for same and was told “put them back” when I chose some small New Guinea Impatients. So I came home with plant food and spray for the roses. Oh sigh!

  2. It was 33 degrees here this morning! Love the clear nights, but the next morning is always so chilly. Between the cool nights & rainy days at least the flowers are staying longer.

  3. It can be such a challenge to be patient with garden plants. Who can plant the impatiens now? Why do they have them in the stores already?

  4. Actually they were in the green house and I guess were not really for sale yet … I was told that they had been recently potted and roots were were not very large. This is a small local nursery and I love the quality of their plants and the service I get there.

    • Would you be talking about Nichols Nursery? But I think they are in Albany.
      One of my favorites to stop by when driving south on I-5 freeway. They have an incredible selection of perennials as well as seeds.

  5. Nichols Nursery would be very convent for you .. but Egans on River Rd North of Salem is what I was referring to. They are on Facebook and always worth a look there.

  6. Thanks for the lead. I’ll look them up.

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