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Pastel Tulips under Japanese Maple


Copy of DSCN2230

This particular green-leafed Japanese maple tree is leafing out, just as the tulips below begin to flower.  A bag of pastel tulips planted a few years ago is reaching maturity, and will need to be divided this year.  The yellow and pink flowers are so pretty, and the timing couldn’t be better as the tree is coming to life at the same time.

I have been photographing this tree for a few days trying to get desirable light and a background on which the tree’s new leaves would show up.  This morning’s photo was taken after the sun rose over the hills to the east;  tulips are shadowed by the house.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Pastel Tulips under Japanese Maple

  1. It looks fine from here, young trees are like babies, I still have two year old Poinciana trees. I also have a Poor Man’s Orchid Tree, two years old. That one could flower in one more year.

  2. When we moved here there were red and yellow tulips at the edge of one flower bed. Each year there were fewer red tulips blooming until this year when only yellow ones appeared. I will post to Facebook pictures.

  3. Modern hybrid tulips are not bred to come back every year. Species tulips are closer to wild tulips and I have seen them come back for some years. Supposedly, if you feed your tulip bulbs, they can re-flower another year. Am I the only person who doesn’t stay on top of feeding plants and the thousands of other things in our modern life we are ‘supposed to do’ to maintain them’?

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