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Flower Arrangements in the Garden

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Tulips are safe in the “flower jail”, while daffodils keep guard on the outside.  In the lower right-hand corner is a  foxglove that is safe on the outside, also.
Last winter, I found many foxglove babies inside of the flower jail.  Since they do not need any protection from deer or rabbits, I transplanted many (I think I counted 74) to outer areas.  I’m looking forward to many blooms later this summer.
Earlier this week, I transplanted a hellebore outside the ‘jail’, to under some cedar trees.   Deer are not supposed to eat them, so I moved a small plant as a test, to learn if my local deer have read the same book 🙂   I know the hyacinths and tulips need the fence for protection.
Sure wish I could move the fence post away from my photo.
Copy of DSCN2181
These beauties live under an old rhododendron.  It had been raining, so the tulips and windflowers are closed.
I was moving hyacinths around, and noticed how well the anemone windflowers are naturalizing themselves.  They are so pretty in the bed, but I am now wary that they may take over and overwhelm the violets and wild strawberries that are ground cover.

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