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I suppose some people just think of narcissi as smelly daffodils, but I love their heady scent.
In my garden they are scattered around, but I keep thinking that they need to be deliberately planted where I can savor their aroma while walking in the early springtime.  This will be the type of project where one small idea snowballs into a big one.  The walking paths that would benefit from narcissus at their edge, already have plants that would need to be moved first.  One move will beget another move, will beget another move, etc.  Never a dull moment here.  Or:  lots of grand ideas.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

7 thoughts on “Narcissus

  1. I want my daffodils to form large clumps … why do they do so along the highway median and not my yard? I even planted the bulbs in special underground cages because I thought mice were eating the bulbs. I am (almost) ready to dig every thing up and plant again.

  2. I have found the longer the daffodil bulbs are left undisturbed, the larger the clumps can grow. You ought to see a clump after 20 years! My ground is not the best, and I don’t know what difference that makes. Yes, I have experienced rodents moving bulbs around during the off-season. Are your bulb cages plenty big enough for the bulbs to multiply?

  3. When I’m seeing all these flowers, I keep thinking I should go back to Keukenhof, the biggest spring garden in Europe. There were thousands of them scattered everywhere… it was delightful.
    I was wondering, do you leave the bulbs in the ground for the rest of the year ?

    • In my area, I leave my bulbs in the ground all year. This year, I’m going to try to lift some bulbs after bloom, and separate, then replant them for even more flowers next year. That’s the theory, anyway.

      And thank you for mentioning Keukenhof. We will be making our first-ever visit to Europe this spring, and I looked up Keukenhof gardens. Now we want to arrange our schedule so we can see the gardens at their peak. I will definitely post photos, if we pull this off.

      • Oh if you have the chance, you won’t regret the visit ! Last year, I visited in April, and it was the end of the tulip season but the beginning of the hyacinth season. There is always something to see. And there is also a gigantic orchids exhibit. I will also go back this year, I had such a good memory, probably in April. The entrance is a bit pricey (around 20 euros), but it’s really worth it. What are your planning to visit during your trip ? It sounds so exciting !!

  4. Plenty of room. But some are putting up only leaves, no blooms. They have been in the ground only about three years. Wonder if there is a grub of some kind.

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