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Copy of DSCN2033

They’re on!  I love when the daffodils come into bloom.
Such a wondrous sign of spring.

Years ago, the daffodils would all bloom at the same time, now it is different.  As the seedlings we planted thirty years ago have grown into tall trees, there is shade in places there was not shade previously.  If you look at the photo carefully, there are a couple of flower buds not yet open at the far right.  They are partially shaded by an evergreen tree.  I now have clumps of daffodils at different stage of bloom all over my yard.  On the up-side, the bloom-time should be extended, as the bulbs in the shade will flower a bit later than the ones living in more direct sunlight.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

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