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Some Frosty Mornings



We’ve had some beautiful sunny days, accompanied by clear nights, which bring frosty mornings.  Hey, it is still technically winter!
My chionodoxa should be in full bloom now, but are only blooming sparsely, so far.  Perhaps, I should just be more patient.


Germander leaves appear icy, until it warms up.


Hardy Columbines are not deterred by the chilly mornings.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

2 thoughts on “Some Frosty Mornings

  1. Isn’t it dangerous for flowers all this frost ?

  2. The hyacinths do not seem to be bothered with the frost. Daffodils may withstand deer, but rain or frost can lay them down. Often they pop back up in the sun. Could moving up and down make them schizophrenic?
    I believe the early season flowers from bulbs are pretty tough. I must be at a more northern location for camellias, as mine seem to wilt from rain most every year.

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