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Windflower Anemone


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These Windflower anemones must spread through the air, because they have popped up all over the flower bed, where I planted a handful of these bulbs a few years back.
Violets and strawberry plants join the windflowers in the neighborhood as ground covers under rose bushes and rhododendrons.
Leaves of the windflower closely resemble an undesirable (aka: weed) that I am constantly uprooting.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

5 thoughts on “Windflower Anemone

  1. I feel a bit like that poor flower most Monday mornings. It looks like it’s valiantly trying to get out there and grow but is still feeling cold.

  2. Susan, I have some questions about coping with deer. Do you see my FB? Wish we could just exchange e-mails.

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