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First Daffodil Bloom


Copy of DSCN1930This flower is on the south side of my home, which is the warmest site, of course.  What is more interesting to me, is that just a few weeks ago, I moved and separated a number of daffodils, including this one.  They had been inside a deer-proof fence, which is unnecessary for anything in the narcissus family.  When I noticed the leaves emerging from the ground, there was a warmer day that I took a shovel and decided to give some daffodils a new home.  The weather was cool and wet enough that they did not mind the move.

Now to remember after blooming, and when the leaves have died down, to take a shovel to the daffodils that did not get moved and separated this winter.  There are lots of them to be dealt with.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

2 thoughts on “First Daffodil Bloom

  1. Interesting the your daffodils are blooming, but this far north, they have yet to put out blooms (bud, yes)… at least in our yard.

  2. This blog is so interesting to me, as I document my garden flowers. In 2015, the first daffodils were earlier than 2016, as none has bloomed as of Feb 8. I did notice a couple of daffodils budded out today, and no rain is expected for at least 3 more days, so they may bloom before Valentine’s Day.

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