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Swollen Buds



While walking around the garden this morning, I tried to notice which plants had growth or flower buds ready to burst forth.

The rhododendrons started to form flower buds for this spring, shortly after flowering last year.
This evergreen shrub truly ‘plans ahead’.
They usually bloom in April and May, though who knows this year?

As it breaks dormancy from a silent winter, the tree peony is a pretty pink.  I can only hope that each new bud will each bring their own flower.  Not usually, but since branches were pruned last fall, I feel there is a very good chance of a higher percentage of blossoms.

??????????My camellia bush was one of the first shrubs planted here a very many years ago.  While the branches have multiplied plenty, the blooms have not been the best.  Any rain when this bush is in flower, and the blossoms just wilt and fall off.
I don’t think this poor plant has ever had a chance to show itself at its prime.  Who knows?  If this is an early drought spring / summer, the upside could be a full bush of beautiful red flowers.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

4 thoughts on “Swollen Buds

  1. Hi Susan,
    As I bask in an Australian summer (that is, when I’m not in the throws of frying or melting) I’ve been following some bloggers through a Northern Winter and marveled at their photos in the snow and icicles hanging from the trees. Now, starting to see posts like yours wiith the first green shoots starting to break through and even I am starting to get excited.

    • Isn’t it weird that humans want what we can’t get. Or why, when we are cooking in summer heat, we long for a cool autumn day, and when we are freezing in winter, we try to imagine a hot summer afternoon?
      A few years back, we did visit Eastern Australia for a few weeks, and just loved the weather. We were fortunate to be there all of December with a few weeks into January. It was surprising how everything absolutely shut down on Dec 25, and all of a sudden hotel room prices and crowds went way up. A different culture. And I will slow down for now. Will try to stay in touch with you.

      • Great to hear that you’ve visited Australia. I take that Christmas Day shut down for granted. I gather they don’t have it over there. The shops are open in January but so many things go on hold and to be honest, most of Australia goes into a coma for the month…unless you’re in the tourist industry.
        We have been going down to the snow for the last couple of years and it is just beautiful and such a precious novelty. Have never experienced more than a dusting or falling snow, however, and when I hear f inches of snow falling, it does sound magical but then I don’t have to live with the icy conditions or the cold. Take care xx Rowena

  2. Where do you go to be in snow? Yes, I admit to loving snow. I figure you can always put more clothes on, but can only take so many clothes off when it it hot. Personally, I like adjusting to more clothes than less. It is easier to get comfortable.

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