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Crocus and an Orgiastic Bee


?????????? Copy of DSCN1883

The green and white crocus leaves outnumber the current amount of flowers, so I am anticipating many more blooms.  Mr. Sun peeked out from the overcast sky just a few times today, and the plants do feel the unusual February warmth.   Fifty degrees F (10 degrees C) would have felt much warmer if the sun really came out.

While I was taking pictures, I heard a bee – so early in the season.  He found a crocus flower and went straight for the pollen.  At that moment, my camera batteries decided to run down.  I fumbled through the case for my spare pair of batteries, and clumsily made the switch.  Where did that bee go?  He was having an orgy with himself still in the flower cup!  I decided to leave him in crocus heaven, as he was in no rush to leave, and that was the only ‘game in town’ today.

Copy of DSCN1886Copy of DSCN1885


Author: susanpots

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2 thoughts on “Crocus and an Orgiastic Bee

  1. I have a few crocus blooming and ONE daffodil … both are hiding behind some shrubs and I only noticed them as I backed out of the garage. Need to get a picture. Love the pictures of the bee enjoying the crocus!

  2. You have a daffodil already?! Mine are budding, but none are open, yet. This is so early in February for the daffodils.
    The bee was funny to watch. Sort of reminded me of a small child having too much fun.

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