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Bergenia Blooms


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In our unseasonably warm winter the flowers are budding and blooming way ahead of normal years.  These bergenia buds are next to the house on the east-facing side.  Other bergenias, below a deck, are not as far along, even though their exposure is also to the east.

In the first photo, if you look to the right of the blossoms you can see the strappy leaves of an amaryllis that I call a ‘naked lady’.  Pink flowers will bloom on a stalk that grows in summer, after the leaves that are emerging now die back.  I entirely forgot where I planted this bulb, and did not notice it in the flower bed when I was taking pictures.  My surprise came when I was examining photos on the computer and noticed the leaves.  Now, if I remember to mark where the naked lady is, I can consider moving it where the flower will show better in summer.


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Bergenia Blooms

  1. The leaves on my Bergenia always (although I have no plants currently) seem to get eaten by slugs or bugs … to the point that I gave up on giving them yard space. The large bug chewed leaves became totally unappealing.

  2. Never seen these before.

  3. Maria, you have plants in your part of the world that I never see.
    I remember seeing see a cliff side of bergenia in Santa Cruz on the upper-middle California coast. They were in bloom and beautiful.

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