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Hellebore – Pink & White


Hellebore Pink near


These two hellebores are neighbors near the edge of an east-facing deck. Pink flower is a bit north of east, and the white one is a touch south of due east.


My white hellebore had a baby!  Over to the left, a seed germinated and a new plant was born.  The baby is a minimum of 2 years old, because I noticed it growing there at least that long ago.  Behind the white blossoms, the ferns under the edge of the deck, are naturalized.

At a friend’s house recently, I saw a multi-flowered pink hellebore in a pot.  It was beautiful.  She lives and gardens in the shadow of some very tall evergreen trees.
I had ‘plant envy’.  How did she get her hellebore to bloom so prolifically?


Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

4 thoughts on “Hellebore – Pink & White

  1. I envy your white hellebore’s blooms (I even went outside just now to check). Mine are still in fairly tight bud. So many of my plants look “hungry” (poor color etc.) that my intention is to feed everyone soon!

    • I guess I’m not the only one with ‘plant envy’! What would you feed your plants with at this time of year? I am trying to work under the theory of feed the soil, not just the plant. But that is a BIG chore. And it disturbs the ground covers. No absolute answers or one way to garden – like life: it is a big experiment to see what works for oneself, don’t you think?

  2. Indeed. Amending the soil would be a the best solution. I tend to take the easy way out and use a Miracle-Gro solution. My favorite nursery recommends Proven Winner (also a solution). I would love to have access to good compost. But my aging body votes for the easy way.

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