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Winter Sprouts


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Bluebell and daffodil leaves are sprouting all over my garden.  Signs indicate that spring can not be far away, no matter what page the calender is on.  But I know to be wary, as a freeze can come at any time and set things back.

The bluebell clumps look like they are getting a bit crowded, and may need to be divided again.  These are prolific bulbs, and I wish I could plant them in the woods.  Unfortunately, for me, the local deer find them quite tasty and they do not last long in the wild.

On the other hand, our deer do leave daffodils alone.  Yesterday, I moved some sprouting bulbs out of an enclosed area, to the “wilds”, as they do not need to be protected.  I’ve tried to plant daffodil bulbs in the fields, but they rarely regrow and bloom again.  Finally, I realized that spring grass mowing also mowed down the daffodil blades.  The plant needs its leaves to die-off naturally to replenish its nutrients and energy to rebloom another year.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

3 thoughts on “Winter Sprouts

  1. Your Bluebells … Mom called them Scilla and I have also heard Wood Hyacinth. By what ever name, I think of them as an old fashion plant. Seeing yours, makes me long to have some in our yard again.

    • I am happy to share with you. I got a shovel-full from a friend maybe 25 years ago, and I’ve divided the bunches so many times. Easy to grow and prolific, but the deer do like to nibble on them.

  2. This is so exciting ! Spring is not that far away and I cannot wait !! Here, it’s still snowing. I’ve tried to look for snowdrops in my garden but couldn’t find any. Maybe it’s a bit too soon for Belgium.

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