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Wildflowers from Death Valley to Big Pine, part 2


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More of the colorful and scenic wildflowers on this desolate drive.

I found these growing alongside the mountain road.  Even though the road was quite curvy, there were so few cars, I could safely get out of the car and take my time with the photos.

Author: susanpots

potter, gardener of flowers and vegies

7 thoughts on “Wildflowers from Death Valley to Big Pine, part 2

  1. that first pic is stunning !!!!!

  2. We were amazed at the colorful wildflowers. It turned out to be a perfect time to catch so many of them in bloom.

  3. A delightful way to record a trip. Perhaps that is why my husband does not like for me to drive on a back road trip … I have a tendency to stop suddenly and jump out to get a closer look, and to photograph flowers that he has probably not even noticed.

  4. We usually trade driving. This time my husband surprised me by saying (more than once) there is a flower, don’t you want to take a picture? It was getting later in the day, and we did not know how far to the next town, or the next motel! That’s how we finally, ended up staying in Bishop, CA.

  5. Really beautiful pictures 🙂 I love the colours of the first one!

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